Recent Nonfiction

"The Sad Boys of Sadcore," Paris Review, August 2018 

"My Life, Told Through Drinks," Medium, August 2018

"Trying to Kill the Want," Longreads, June 2018

"Hatchetation Time," Columbia Journal, Spring 2018

How to Not series, The Awl, Fall 2016/Winter 2017:

"Enjoli," Medium, August 2016. 

"Girl Skulks Into a Room," Addiction Unscripted, October 2015. 

Short Fiction

"Normalcy," Virgin Fiction 2, Rob Weisbach Books, 1999. 

"List Maker," Mississippi Review, Fall 1995 (runner-up in annual contest judged by Amy Hempel)

"What'll I Do," Snake Nation Review, 1995


"Dear Santa," Medium, 

"Dear Barry Manilow," Medium, 2016