Rachel Sugar for The Minnesota Star Tribune: "The collection is about more than sobriety. It’s a celebration of the quotidian, a love letter to the breathtaking beauty of the mundane."

Sonya Lea for The Los Angeles Review of Books: "The pieces in Nothing Good Can Come from This are pleasantly messy incantations on loss, and what happens in its wake. Coulter shows her stumbles. She interrogates her usefulness, her language usage, her privilege, her ragged happiness. Unlike recovery stories that require epiphanies, and come equipped with insider language and bravado, Coulter...shows the slow, painful walk out of addiction and into recovery."

Wayne Alan Brenner for The Austin Chronicle: "The collection – recounting the trials of alcoholism, yes, but further ranging through neighborhoods of childhood memories and job (dis)satisfactions and running marathons and what it’s like to be a woman, this Coulter woman in particular, in our modern world – will give readers a reason to stay awake and keep turning pages. In sympathetic fascination, definitely; but also in delight at Coulter’s insight-rich observations and self-abrading, sometimes LOL snark . . . Like a carafe of cool clear water, this book of Coulter’s will pair well with everything in life’s rich pageant." ―Wayne Alan Brenner, The Austin Chronicle

Noah Sanders for Empty Mirror Books: “A scathing, stripped down look at her own issues and how she used alcohol to bury them, forget them and sometimes fuel them. It’s never less than brutally honest, oft times funny and just about everything you want from reflective non-fiction.”



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