Responses to "Enjoli"

In summer 2016, I published my essay "Enjoli" on Medium and then things went just the tiniest bit insane. Here are some of the reaction pieces that ran in the media. (You can kind of tell from the headlines who liked the essay and who didn't.) 

"Is Patriarchy to Blame for the Way Women Drink?Nora Caplan-Bricker,

"Shaming Women for Drinking is Just More Shaming Women." Darlene Cunha, Time

"No, Ladies, It's Not Just Men Making Us Drink."  Karol Marcowicz, The New York Post

"Did I get drunk last night because of the patriarchy?" Ann Friedman, The Washington Post

"Pour me a double to deal with the fallout from that women and drinking piece."  Ashley Csanady, National Post. 

And now, I will also list some of the notable people who publicly tweeted or posted nice things about "Enjoli" because it was awesome and I don't know if it will ever happen again: Neko Case, Heather Havrilevsky, Sarah Hepola, Laura Lippmann, Dahlia Lithwick, Diana Spechler, J. Ryan Stradal. Thank you, notables. You all freaked me out big time. (Especially you, Neko.)


"The Enjoli Virus," HOME podcast, Ep. 64. 

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