Interviews and Profiles

"Writer Navigates tech's male culture in Seattle with acerbic wit," The Seattle Times, November 2017. 

"The sexual harassment epidemic has been diagnosed. What's the cure?" The Washington Post, November 2017

Sense of Place with Minelle Mahtani, Vancouver's Roundhouse Radio, July 2017. 

"The Enjoli Virus," HOME podcast, Ep. 64. 

Since Right Now podcast: just me and the SRN boys

Since Right Now podcast guest host with Claire Rudy Foster and again with Claire at my dining room table with dogs at our feet

Blog interview at Liv's Recovery Kitchen

Responses to "Enjoli"

"Is Patriarchy to Blame for the Way Women Drink?Nora Caplan-Bricker,

"Shaming Women for Drinking is Just More Shaming Women." Darlene Cunha, Time

"No, Ladies, It's Not Just Men Making Us Drink."  Karol Marcowicz, The New York Post

"Did I get drunk last night because of the patriarchy?" Ann Friedman, The Washington Post

"Pour me a double to deal with the fallout from that women and drinking piece."  Ashley Csanady, National Post.